Quotes From Our Shawley Community

Quotes from our Shawley Parents...

My child’s class teacher has given him an environment in which he has grown in confidence, feels supported and has fun. He has significantly increased the enjoyment he gets from school. Thank you. (Year 6)

A shout out to the leadership for their supportive, caring nature and passion and drive for Shawley.

The office staff are very prompt with dealing with queries by phone AND emails. 

I appreciate all that the staff and leadership do and all the support from LEO trust to help Shawley.

The Early Years team are simply fab!  Thank you!

Big shout out to the school overnight trips coming later in the year. It is so nice to see this being available for more children in KS2. 

The teachers seem to really understand my child & their feedback has been regular & reassuring when needed.

My child’s teacher has encouraged her love of reading and helped her settle back into the routine of school after such a turbulent time throughout the pandemic, so thank you! I just know she will continue to progress and develop well. It’s lovely to see her happy to come to school and leaving with such a smile on her face too. 

We are really impressed and appreciative of the hard work, dedication and passion shown by the teachers and leaders. 

The ladies in the front office are always so welcoming and helpful. As the frontline of the school they have to be prepared for anything and they are (or know how to). They juggle so many tasks and always with a smile! Thank you ladies!

Shawley Primary is so lucky to have such enthusiastic and engaging teachers, my children love coming to school because of them.

Thank you all for having such a big impact on our child’s learning and development.

The nurture provision has really helped my child. The staff are always welcoming and have a smile for everyone.

There has been a real breath of fresh air, really positive and engaging people and some great new and exciting things at Shawley. 

My son has loved the new male teachers and all the additional clubs the school has provided.

I think all the staff have been brilliant this new term and a big shout out to all of them who are helping with the extra clubs. We really do appreciate you giving additional time and I think it brings so much more to the school. Keep going, all parents I speak with are really happy with the changes and the progress being made.

We are so thrilled that our child is having the opportunity to access sporting events, even if they are not the best at sports! 

Forest school has been such a great addition to the whole learning approach! 

We have loved the changes to updating the school building and all of the new resources. It feels like a new school. 

My child has SEN needs and I now feel confident that he is really understood and being supported and challenged all at the same time.