Religious Education


RE helps develop an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the religions and beliefs which form part of contemporary society. The sequence of lessons throughout the school allow children to revisit the different religions to build on the knowledge they already have.
All children are given the opportunity to visit places of worship to experience first hand and learn from different religions. Families in receipt of the Pupil Premium are supported financially so that they are able to attend school trips if a cost is involved. Also workshops visit both schools, e.g. Diwali, Christmas Workshop, Easter Experience, CSI Easter, Harvest. Also members of various religions visit the school to lead assemblies. 


RE is taught weekly. RE lessons provide opportunities for rich discussion, reflection and personal experiences and interpretations are shared. Children have the opportunities to ask questions. Lessons include roleplay, art, music, hot seating and promote a knowledge and understanding of the world. Recorded lessons are scaffolded to allow for inclusion of all. 
Opportunities for the use of technology are integrated into the curriculum through the use of YouTube, BBC Bitesize, RE online, Google Earth, children’s websites, Now Press Play Headsets and many more. 
Faith and festivals are promoted through Celebration Days and religious display boards in school.


RE makes important contributions to other parts of the school curriculum such as citizenship, personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE education), the humanities, education for sustainable development, rights respecting school and aids understanding  of others. 
Religious Education is a key part in engendering knowledge and understanding which can lead to tolerance and respect for others and their beliefs. It encourages evaluation and critical thinking, equipping them to consider belief positions they encounter and allows them to focus on the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.