Curriculum Overview

Learning is an alteration in long-term memory. (Kirschner, Sweller and Clarke, 2006)
At Shawley Community Primary, we foster a lifelong love of learning through a rich and creative curriculum. The National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Framework serve as the foundation for our curriculum, which is further enriched by our LEO Pupil Outcomes and our vision of Learning, Excellence, and Opportunity. Our integrated curriculum equips children with the skills to be independent, responsible citizens.
We recognize each child's unique learning journey and celebrate diversity. We provide enhancement opportunities and believe school should be a happy, investigative time. Our children develop a real thirst for learning by the time they leave. Our curriculum offers children life skills and experiences beyond the National Curriculum. We carefully consider their needs and plan learning opportunities to ensure their success. Technology enriches and enhances children's outcomes and experiences. Our digital skills
curriculum is embedded in everyday teaching and learning. We believe a strong foundation in Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge is essential for all children. Substantive Knowledge refers to specific facts and concepts. Disciplinary knowledge refers to the ways of thinking and working specific to each subject area.

For example:
Substantive knowledge
- Children learn about the life cycle of a butterfly
Disciplinary knowledge - Children learn how to conduct a scientific experiment

Substantive knowledge
- Children learn about the different parts of speech
Disciplinary knowledge - Children learn how to write an effective essay

Substantive knowledge
- Children learn multiplication tables
Disciplinary knowledge - Children learn how to solve word problems
We develop Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge across all subjects. Children revisit and build upon previously taught learning, making connections between old and new learning as well as between individual subjects. We believe children with a strong foundation in both Substantive and Disciplinary Knowledge are better equipped to succeed in school and in life.